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About Us

PADGRO Consultants Pvt Limited was founded by Architect planner B.S.MURTHY in 1977.

PADGRO have carved a niche for themselves in architecture, planning and engineering in India; with a track record of excellence for over Thirty years. PADGRO Consultants offers consultancy in the following areas


Town Planning

Urban Design

Interior Design

Quantity Surveys

Allied Engineering Services Related To Comprehensive Architectural Services.

Architectural Due Diligence For Property Transactions & Evaluations.

PADGRO Consultants Pvt Ltd are well equipped with their own office building in Chennai, complete office and communication facilities, state-of-the-art drawing and design aids; a team of talented architects, engineers, draughts persons; supported by a panel of eminent consultants for all allied specialties. The practice tries to maintain the highest degree of professionalism in all of the services that it offers and in its interactions with the allied professionals that it comes in contact with.

The firm believes that the key to a better environment is good design. Over the last thirty years, PADGRO Consultants has cultivated a diverse portfolio transcending any typecasting. This multi-specialty grants the firm expertise in different sectors and allows us to accept a varied and challenging international clientele; with projects all over South Asia. PADGRO Consultants Pvt Ltd does not commit itself to self imposed restrictions like style and the vagaries of fashion; nor does it hold that a particular language and ideal of architecture is an unassailable absolute. PADGRO Consultants believes that all good design flows from a curious and fascinating intersection of program, clientele, site, culture and the architects’ themselves. It is this relativity of context and flexibility of expression that allows us to clarify the uniqueness of the designs that the practice attempts.

Over thirty years after it first began, PADGRO Consultants rededicates itself to the reason that it exists – "The Man On The Street".

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PADGRO Consultants Pvt. Ltd. No.12, Lady Madhavan Road, Mahalingapuram, Chennai, INDIA - 600034.
Ph. No: (+9144)28170804,    (+9144)28174026. Fax:    (+9144)28172028.
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